About Us

About JWG

JWG are operations and technology professionals, trusted by the global financial services industry as experts in regulatory change management.  For the past decade, our team of independent analysts has helped the industry interpret large quantities of regulatory reform and action it in a smart and intelligent way.

We believe that the industry needs to rethink the way it manages regulatory change and adopt a technology-enabled and collaborative approach.  By spotting the deltas, knowing their impact and implementing the right solutions we can all get it done better, faster, cheaper and safer.

As well as firms, we work with trade bodies, standards organisations and regulators to facilitate the understanding of regulatory change and its impacts on financial institutions.  We cover the sell and buy-sides, market infrastructure and the vendors that serve them all.

JWG play a crucial role, bringing together a wide variety of stakeholders and pooling their knowledge to provide invaluable insight, context and feedback.

You can leverage JWG intelligence in three ways:

  • Training, publications and events
  • Collaborative special interest groups
  • The world’s first regulatory change management platform, RegDelta.

What is RegTech?

RegTech is an innovative regulatory news and analysis platform hosted by JWG, the leading regulatory think-tank.  It is designed to promote global dialogue on how to deliver regulatory change.

Our readership includes regulators and key players in legal, compliance, technology and operations departments at the world’s top financial institutions.

Access to our mission critical news and comment offers the industry a platform to reach an audience difficult to find elsewhere.

Whether your business is looking to promote products, services or points of view, RegTechFS.com offers a unique and effective method of reaching the people that matter the most.

Our agenda

Our goal is to be in the right place, at the right time, to understand how regulatory policy can be delivered and implemented better, faster, cheaper and safer.  We lead the market by level-setting 70,000 pages of G20 regulatory reform per year, mapping the heat and delivering insight in a timely and politically sensitive manner. The navigation bar on this site gives you an overview of the topics we cover.


2006: built a think-tank that brought together the regulators, firms and vendors to better understand and prepare for the FSAP MiFID agenda

2007: built a comprehensive reference operating model for EU regulatory compliance in the best execution, transaction reporting and record keeping arenas

2008-2009: analysed the impact of the EU’s third anti money laundering directive and MiFID, published analysis reports, hosted events and established the Customer Data Management Group

2010: worked with AFME and the FOA to publish wholesale customer data management guidance and identified how firms, regulators and legislators could control systemic risk for UK government

2011: researched the implications of the G20 regulatory reform programme on reference data managers and helped lead the global debate on regulatory risk and data policy – including the LEI

2012: worked with firms to identify the rules which cause the highest operational pain points across the infrastructure, and with regulators to shape new standards – including FATCA

2013: advised the BBA on regulatory data priorities and fine-tuned a research programme covering tax, financial crime, client classification, trading and risk data management.  Served as PMO for IMA, BBA, ACT and ISDA with 13 firms in defining a strategic solution to EMIR counterparty data issues.

2014: assisted global regulators in launching a new regulatory data standards group, assessed the impact of EMIR/MiFID II and dependencies and brought RegDelta to market.

2015: scheduled monthly meetings of industry sell-side experts who are directly involved in MiFID II implementation at our MiFID Implementation Group (MIG).  The group engages in collaborative issue identification, standard setting and work planning.

2016: Helped define the RegTech agenda through working with regulators and industry and standards bodies. We participated in regulator and top-tier bank RegTech sandboxes with our award-winning RegDelta platform. Throughout the year, we published 100+ articles alerting our extensive global readership to what we found during our 60 special interest group meetings. We also redefined how good RegTech events are run with our highly successful RegTech Capital markets Conference.